F10 Installation

We have taken steps to ensure the installation is as clean and transparent as possible. While there are other ways to install and hideaway the wires, these instructions provide the quickest and most accessible way to install the ExhaustMeister™.

The 5 Series F10 cars do not provide access panels so the carpet must be pulled back to access the vacuum switch.

Note: The blue wire coming out of your ExhaustMeister™ is the antenna and is not attached to anything. It should be stretched out for maximum range.

  1. Remove key from ignition and turn off any power source that uses the battery. This is strictly done as a safety precaution.
  2. Open the trunk/boot.
  3. Review this picture for the location of all of the tabs to be removed. See picture –> Trunk Tabs
  4. Remove the round “push tab” near the left hinge. This tab is located in the “ceiling” of the trunk and faces downward. See Picture –> Top Tab
  5. Remove the round “push tab” securing the hook above the storage area and the round “push tab” just below it. See Picture –> Side Tabs
  6. You should now be able to freely pull back the carpet. With the carpet pulled back, locate the vacuum switch. See Picture –> Vacuum Switch
  7. With your thumb, push in the clip on the harness attached to the vacuum switch and pull upward.
  8. On the ExhaustMeister harness, locate the connector with the push in clip. Using your thumb, push in the clip and secure it to the vacuum switch disconnected in step 7.
  9. On the ExhaustMeister harness, locate the male style connector and connect it to the factory harness disconnected in step 7.
  10. Locate a suitable place to attach the ground wire eyelet. See Picture –> Ground Eyelet. This is the green wire coming out of the ExhaustMeister™. There are many places on the BMW where this can be attached (must be metal). There are typically several metal studs in the trunk with nuts attached that are body grounded. You can remove this nut, attach the ground eyelet and reattach the nut. Here is a candidate location –> Ground LocationYou can also run the wire to the negative terminal of the battery if desired.
  11. Before reattaching all of the panels, start you BMW in a well ventilated area.
  12. Standing behind the car, press the on/off buttons. You should hear a notable exhaust change. If nothing is happening, please follow the troubleshooting procedures located here —-> Troubleshooting Guide
  13. After successful testing, find a suitable place for your ExhaustMeister™. We recommend the mini storage area behind the netting. A piece of Velcro has been attached to the unit so that it will secure to the carpet and not move around.
  14. Reattach all panels the opposite of removal while ensuring the ExhaustMeister wires are not crimped.
  15. Test your ExhaustMeister one last time to ensure nothing came loose while attaching the panels.
  16. You are all done!