e90 335 Installation

10 Minute Installation for the 2007-2010 BMW 335i

We have taken steps to ensure the installation is as clean and transparent as possible. While there are other ways to install and hideaway the wires, these instructions provide the quickest and most accessible way to install the ExhaustMeister™.

  1. Remove key from ignition and turn off any power source that uses the battery. This is strictly done as a safety precaution.
  2. Open the trunk/boot.
  3. Lift and secure the panel that covers the trunk/boot floor.
  4. Remove the cover over the left (drivers side) taillight and set aside.
  5. Behind the removed cover on the left hand (drivers side) side of the trunk/boot, disconnect the cable from the valve switch with the push-in style clip by grabbing the connector at the base, depressing the clip with your thumb, and pull upward. Be careful not to remove the switch from its slip-on mount. If this occurs, simply remount the slip-on switch. There is not a lot of room to maneuver but it’s manageable. Also, be careful not to remove vacuum lines from the bottom of the switch. If this happens, simply reattach. Click here for a picture of the switch unplugged.
  6. Connect the male side of the ExhaustMeister™ harness into the factory harness disconnected from the switch in step 5.
  7. Connect the female side of the ExhaustMeister™ harness into the switch itself by depressing the clip with your thumb, and pressing onto the switch. After connected, release the switch and give it a gentle tug to ensure that it is fully secured into place.
  8. Position the ExhaustMeister™ in a convenient location underneath the floor panel. Preferably it should go on the bottom left most side. Use the supplied Velcro on the bottom of the ExhaustMeister™ to hold it in place. This picture shows ExhaustMeister™ placement before wires are hidden.
  9. Insert the BMW female style cable supplied with the ExhaustMeister kit into the valve switch by depressing the push-in clip with your thumb and pushing into the connector on the vacuum switch following all precautions in step number six. This picture shows the ExhaustMeister™ cable plugged into the switch.
  10. Connect the ground wire from the ExhaustMeister™ to the stud on the taillight. You can choose another ground location if you desire being sure that the location is free of paint and provides solid contact. –> Need Picture
  11. Before reattaching the panels, press the on and off buttons on the supplied remote control. At this point you should hear the ExhaustMeister™ making clicking sounds. If you hear nothing, check your ground location and try again. You may need to experiment with other ground locations. If you still hear nothing, move on to step 12.
  12. Start the car in a well ventilated area. While standing behind the car, press the on button, wait 5 seconds, and then press the off button. You should hear the valve opening and closing and also notice the exhaust getting louder and quieter. If the valve is not opening or closing, please follow the troubleshooting section before contacting support. Support will require that each step in the troubleshooting section has been followed.
  13. Tidy up and reattach all removed panels. Follow step 12 again just to make sure nothing came loose during panel reattachment.
  14. You’re all done!