medrivingsmallHi, my Name is Jason Russell from Dallas, Texas. That’s me driving around the Nurburgring on the left. I’m an auto enthusiast like yourself and have a passion for many makes and models of cars.

I developed the ExhaustMeister™ for my own car, a 335i, because I wanted to be in control of the muffler valve myself; mainly I didn’t want highway drone or any engine code issues.

My goal is to make to make an affordable, top notch product that I would be proud to put in my own cars. You won’t find cheap connectors or ribbed plastic wire loom with the ExhaustMeister™. I believe in quality over saving a few pennies.

If you have any questions or requests, I’d like to hear from you. Please use the contact information on the support tab and I will personally follow up with you ASAP!

Thanks again for you interest in ExhaustMeister™!

Jason Russell