BMW Valve Parts

Will the ExhaustMeister™ work on my BMW?

You need a few components for the ExhaustMeister™ function on your BMW. You will need to ensure the existence of the silencer valve on under your chassis normally located near the mufflers and you need to locate the “Pierburg” vacuum switch(es). Some BMW models have two silencer valves, ensure that you check you vehicle thoroughly.

If you can locate the exhaust silencer valve(s) and vacuum switch(es), then the ExhaustMeister™ will work on your car.

Below are generic images of the parts that you will need to locate to determine if the ExhaustMeister™ will interface with your BMW.

Pierburg Vacuum Switch

This is typically located behind the pull out panels in the trunk/boot. It will have two vacuum lines and an electrical harness connected to it.

 Exhaust Silencer Valve

This valve is typically located near the mufflers at the rear of the car. It could be before or after the muffler. Be sure you check for the existence of all silencers. It will have a vacuum line running to it.


Installation Disclaimer >>> Due to the many makes and models of BMW’s, we do not have detailed instructions for each brand. Some models are more difficult than others. Many install in 10 minutes. If you can locate the components listed on this page, your car is compatible with the ExhaustMeister. By purchasing the ExhaustMeister, you agree that you can locate the components listed on this page or agree to discover them independently in the absence of ExhaustMeister provided instructions.