e90 335 Installation

10 Minute Installation for the 2007-2010 BMW 335i

We have taken steps to ensure the installation is as clean and transparent as possible. While there are other ways to install and hideaway the wires, these instructions provide the quickest and most accessible way to install the ExhaustMeister™.

  1. Remove key from ignition and turn off any power source that uses the battery. This is strictly done as a safety precaution.
  2. Open the trunk/boot.
  3. Lift and secure the panel that covers the trunk/boot floor.
  4. Remove the cover over the left (drivers side) taillight and set aside.
  5. Behind the removed cover on the left hand (drivers side) side of the trunk/boot, disconnect the cable from the valve switch with the push-in style clip by grabbing the connector at the base, depressing the clip with your thumb, and pull upward. Be careful not to remove the switch from its slip-on mount. If this occurs, simply remount the slip-on switch. There is not a lot of room to maneuver but it’s manageable. Also, be careful not to remove vacuum lines from the bottom of the switch. If this happens, simply reattach. Click here for a picture of the switch unplugged.
  6. Connect the male side of the ExhaustMeister™ harness into the factory harness disconnected from the switch in step 5.
  7. Connect the female side of the ExhaustMeister™ harness into the switch itself by depressing the clip with your thumb, and pressing onto the switch. After connected, release the switch and give it a gentle tug to ensure that it is fully secured into place.
  8. Position the ExhaustMeister™ in a convenient location underneath the floor panel. Preferably it should go on the bottom left most side. Use the supplied Velcro on the bottom of the ExhaustMeister™ to hold it in place. This picture shows ExhaustMeister™ placement before wires are hidden.
  9. Insert the BMW female style cable supplied with the ExhaustMeister kit into the valve switch by depressing the push-in clip with your thumb and pushing into the connector on the vacuum switch following all precautions in step number six. This picture shows the ExhaustMeister™ cable plugged into the switch.
  10. Connect the ground wire from the ExhaustMeister™ to the stud on the taillight. You can choose another ground location if you desire being sure that the location is free of paint and provides solid contact. –> Need Picture
  11. Before reattaching the panels, press the on and off buttons on the supplied remote control. At this point you should hear the ExhaustMeister™ making clicking sounds. If you hear nothing, check your ground location and try again. You may need to experiment with other ground locations. If you still hear nothing, move on to step 12.
  12. Start the car in a well ventilated area. While standing behind the car, press the on button, wait 5 seconds, and then press the off button. You should hear the valve opening and closing and also notice the exhaust getting louder and quieter. If the valve is not opening or closing, please follow the troubleshooting section before contacting support. Support will require that each step in the troubleshooting section has been followed.
  13. Tidy up and reattach all removed panels. Follow step 12 again just to make sure nothing came loose during panel reattachment.
  14. You’re all done!


If you are having problems with your ExhaustMeister™, first of all, we apologize! Please review the troubleshooting steps below to help isolate the issue that you may be having. If no resolution has been reached after reviewing these steps, please contact us via the support tab and we will get back with you ASAP! Remember, we stand behind our work and are always glad to assist with any issues that you may be having!

If you have connected your ExhaustMeister™, and it’s not opening and closing the exhaust valve when the car is running please, perform the following in each section below.


  • Start the car, and place your ear next to the ExhaustMeister controller. Press the on/off buttons several times on the remote control and listen for a “clicking” sound. If you don’t hear any sound, test the other supplied remote control. If you fail to hear a clicking sound, this is typically a ground issue. The ground location you have chosen may not be a suitable ground. Do the following to find a suitable ground location:
        1. Detach the ground eyelet coming out of the ExhaustMeister™.
        2. Start your BMW
        3. Manually hold the metal eyelet against other metal areas in your trunk and press the on/off buttons on the remote controls.
        4. If your exhaust silencer valves start opening and closing or you hear the box making “clicking” sounds, you have found a suitable ground location. Secure the metal ground eyelet to this location.
        5. If there are no results after testing different ground locations, turn off the car, attach the ground wire to the negative side of the battery, start the car and try again.

If the ExhaustMeister™ still isn’t working, proceed to the next section.


  • Check the fuse in your ExhaustMeister harness ensuring it’s not blown. If it is, replace with an ATM 2 amp fuse and try again.

If the ExhaustMeister™ still isn’t working, proceed to the next section.


  • Check the connections from the ExhaustMeister™ to the BMW harness and BMW vacuum switch. Using a small bit of force, try to pull them apart without pushing in the clips. If they disconnect, the connections were not secured properly. Push in the clip(s) and reconnect and ensuring this time they will not pull apart without pushing in the clips.

Start your BMW and test the ExhaustMeister™ again, if it fails proceed to the next section.



Return Policy

All ExhaustMeister™ products carry a 90 day warranty. Returns during this time frame are for exchange only. All ExhaustMeister™ products are tested and approved before shipping. If for any reason you have problems with your ExhaustMeister™ product, please contact us through the support page and we will help you right away! In the event you have to return your ExhaustMeister™ product you will be issued an RMA and your account will be credited any shipping costs incurred.

Returns must first be authorized and accompanied with the RMA number issued to you by ExhaustMeister™. Any return not authorized, will not be accepted.

F10 Installation

We have taken steps to ensure the installation is as clean and transparent as possible. While there are other ways to install and hideaway the wires, these instructions provide the quickest and most accessible way to install the ExhaustMeister™.

The 5 Series F10 cars do not provide access panels so the carpet must be pulled back to access the vacuum switch.

Note: The blue wire coming out of your ExhaustMeister™ is the antenna and is not attached to anything. It should be stretched out for maximum range.

  1. Remove key from ignition and turn off any power source that uses the battery. This is strictly done as a safety precaution.
  2. Open the trunk/boot.
  3. Review this picture for the location of all of the tabs to be removed. See picture –> Trunk Tabs
  4. Remove the round “push tab” near the left hinge. This tab is located in the “ceiling” of the trunk and faces downward. See Picture –> Top Tab
  5. Remove the round “push tab” securing the hook above the storage area and the round “push tab” just below it. See Picture –> Side Tabs
  6. You should now be able to freely pull back the carpet. With the carpet pulled back, locate the vacuum switch. See Picture –> Vacuum Switch
  7. With your thumb, push in the clip on the harness attached to the vacuum switch and pull upward.
  8. On the ExhaustMeister harness, locate the connector with the push in clip. Using your thumb, push in the clip and secure it to the vacuum switch disconnected in step 7.
  9. On the ExhaustMeister harness, locate the male style connector and connect it to the factory harness disconnected in step 7.
  10. Locate a suitable place to attach the ground wire eyelet. See Picture –> Ground Eyelet. This is the green wire coming out of the ExhaustMeister™. There are many places on the BMW where this can be attached (must be metal). There are typically several metal studs in the trunk with nuts attached that are body grounded. You can remove this nut, attach the ground eyelet and reattach the nut. Here is a candidate location –> Ground LocationYou can also run the wire to the negative terminal of the battery if desired.
  11. Before reattaching all of the panels, start you BMW in a well ventilated area.
  12. Standing behind the car, press the on/off buttons. You should hear a notable exhaust change. If nothing is happening, please follow the troubleshooting procedures located here —-> Troubleshooting Guide
  13. After successful testing, find a suitable place for your ExhaustMeister™. We recommend the mini storage area behind the netting. A piece of Velcro has been attached to the unit so that it will secure to the carpet and not move around.
  14. Reattach all panels the opposite of removal while ensuring the ExhaustMeister wires are not crimped.
  15. Test your ExhaustMeister one last time to ensure nothing came loose while attaching the panels.
  16. You are all done!

BMW Valve Parts

Will the ExhaustMeister™ work on my BMW?

You need a few components for the ExhaustMeister™ function on your BMW. You will need to ensure the existence of the silencer valve on under your chassis normally located near the mufflers and you need to locate the “Pierburg” vacuum switch(es). Some BMW models have two silencer valves, ensure that you check you vehicle thoroughly.

If you can locate the exhaust silencer valve(s) and vacuum switch(es), then the ExhaustMeister™ will work on your car.

Below are generic images of the parts that you will need to locate to determine if the ExhaustMeister™ will interface with your BMW.

Pierburg Vacuum Switch

This is typically located behind the pull out panels in the trunk/boot. It will have two vacuum lines and an electrical harness connected to it.


 Exhaust Silencer Valve

This valve is typically located near the mufflers at the rear of the car. It could be before or after the muffler. Be sure you check for the existence of all silencers. It will have a vacuum line running to it.




Installation Disclaimer >>> Due to the many makes and models of BMW’s, we do not have detailed instructions for each brand. Some models are more difficult than others. Many install in 10 minutes. If you can locate the components listed on this page, your car is compatible with the ExhaustMeister. By purchasing the ExhaustMeister, you agree that you can locate the components listed on this page or agree to discover them independently in the absence of ExhaustMeister provided instructions.


medrivingsmallHi, my Name is Jason Russell from Dallas, Texas. That’s me driving around the Nurburgring on the left. I’m an auto enthusiast like yourself and have a passion for many makes and models of cars.

I developed the ExhaustMeister™ for my own car, a 335i, because I wanted to be in control of the muffler valve myself; mainly I didn’t want highway drone or any engine code issues.

My goal is to make to make an affordable, top notch product that I would be proud to put in my own cars. You won’t find cheap connectors or ribbed plastic wire loom with the ExhaustMeister™. I believe in quality over saving a few pennies.

If you have any questions or requests, I’d like to hear from you. Please use the contact information on the support tab and I will personally follow up with you ASAP!

Thanks again for you interest in ExhaustMeister™!

Jason Russell





What is an ExhaustMeister?

ExhaustMeister Unit

ExhaustMeister™ is a complete plug-n-play controller designed for the BMW (Series 1,3,5,6,7,M5, M6, X) that allows you to remotely open and close the vacuum operated exhaust silencer valve (Active Noise Cancellation) that is located just past the muffler any time you like with NO ENGINE CODES AND NO DRONE! BMW uses this valve to control sound when optimum performance is not needed. When the silencer valve is closed, the exhaust is in quite mode. When fully opened, the exhaust system is in maximum flow mode and therefore is louder as a result. Many BMW owners want a more performance oriented sound from their exhaust without being annoying. After the 10 minute installationExhaustMeister™ allows the owner to open & close the valve at will with the supplied remote control or via the native BMW garage door controls!  Works with stock and aftermarket exhaust that retain the factory vacuum actuated silencer valve(s)!! See the customer testimonials…

Works on all BMW’s (Series 1,3,5,6,7, M5, M6, X) that utilize the vacuum operated exhaust silencer valve(s) and vacuum switch. Click here for how to locate these parts.

Purchase Below for Delivery to the USA   or click here for international —> E-Bay Global

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 Video demonstration of the ExhaustMeister on a 2013 BMW M5

[youtube id=”JhgBWJRTduw” width=”700″ height=”400″]

Video demonstration of the ExhaustMeister using the BMW Garage Remote Buttons

[youtube id=”OxgThx3Rv5k” width=”700″ height=”400″]

 Video demonstration of the ExhaustMeister on a 2008 BMW 335i

[youtube id=”Rsx-5_1u2a8″ width=”700″ height=”400″]

[youtube id=”4xUhP5-NfEg” width=”700″ height=”400″]